Ormeau History

Ormeau - The Name

The name of Ormeau came into being after many name changes over the years between 1860 and 1890. The original name being Pimpama to Old Pimpama. Then, to avoid confusion with Pimpama it became Pimpama Bridge and remained so until the opening of the new railway station when it was named "Ormeau" officially in 1889 after Ormeau Plantation.

Ormeau is of French origin meaning "Young Elm Tree".

Major Boyd, a resident in the area named his plantation "Ormeau" after his wife's birthplace "Ormeau Road" a locality on the outskirts of Belfast Ireland.

Ormeau - Industry

Early in the 19th Century, Sugar Cane was grown to supply the Nerang Mill which closed some time around the first world war. Dairying was also carried on during this time but has now decreased. Arrowroot got very prominent from 1918 with three mills in the district. Timber was also an industry with a sawmill owned by McCreadie who sent quite an amount of hoop pine through to Brisbane during 1920-21. Gold mining was another ventue though on a smaller scale. From 1920 bananas became a very prominent industry as they were grown on every available piece of scrubland until around 1928 when the "bunchy top" disease wiped them out completely. By 1934 the disease was controlled and the industry started up again with good results.

Ormeau - Early Land Prices

Records show that 100 acres of scrub at Upper Ormeau sold in 1906 for fifty pounds. In 1914 resold for 200 pounds and again sold in 1919 for one thousand, two hundred and fifty pounds.

Iinformation noted above supplied by Barry and Mary McGrath (thank you)

More information from the McGrath family coming soon.

Ormeau Historical Information

The native name for Ormeau was ‘Nulgul’ a dingo. (Hanlon, W.E, The Early Settlement of the Logan and Albert Districts).

“Ormeau” is a French name pronounced in two syllables and meaning ‘young elm’. It was derived from Ormeau House the estate of Major A.J. Boyd, a sugar planter of the 1860s. Major Boyd took the name in turn from the birthplace of his wife, Isabella Dawson, ‘Ormeau Road’, a district on the outskirts of Belfast, Ireland. (Place Names Cutting Book, John Oxley Library)

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