*** IMPORTANT: Currently advertising on My Ormeau is closed. If you are interested in advertising when we resume offering this service please email us your contact details.***


Advertise on myormeau.com.au

My Ormeau offers a range of advertising options. Our aim is to offer high exposure advertising solutions to local businesses and groups at a low and affordable cost. All profits raised go directly back into the local community with special events, competitions and improvements to this website. Please support our sponsors, we couldn't do it without their amazing support!

Website Advertising Options


Advertising Type Price
Social Media Package  
Slider Bar Advertisement  
Static Home Page Advertisement  
Business Directory Spotlight Ad  

Social Media Advertising Package

Supply an 'Advertorial' article and images which we will load to the News zone. This will have exposure on the home page, news pages and also auto-feeds to Facebook. We recommend you include a product or service spotlight, contact details and a special offer so you can track the response from this promotion. Repeat exposure creates a sense of familiarity and recognition this is a strategy for brand awareness.

Slider Bar Home Page

Slider Bar Advertising - Position 1 placement (will be visible upon site entry in rotating selection). Slider rotates between 4-6 slider images and placement is non-static. Dimensions 626 pixels WIDE x 176 pixels HIGH.

Static Box Home Page

Advertising box lower right hand side on home page. Static ad space with high exposure for all entry traffic. Dimensions 273 pixels WIDE x 176 pixels HIGH.

Business Directory per category

In each category there is a right hand strip available for advertising. This location is limited to three (3) ad space zones per directory category only. These are offered on a first in, first served level from position 1 (top) stacked above positions 2 and 3. Dimensions are 274 pixels WIDE x 176 pixels HIGH and can be used for special offesr, promotions, branding etc. Images must be supplied as JPG or non-animated GIF files.

Note: All advertising spaces are subject to availability and approval. It is important that you read the terms and conditions prior to advertising.

For all advertising enquiries and bookings please contact info@myormeau.com.au


Business Directory Advertising


Listing Type Price (per year)
Basic Listing  
Upgraded Listing (Bronze Sponsor)  
Premium Listing (Silver Sponsor)  
Premium Sponsorship (Gold Sponsor)  
Major Sponsor (Platinum Sponsor) To submit an expression of interest for the next term please contact us.

The business directory is displayed in alphabetical order showcasing our Major Sponsors first, Silver Sponsors second, Bronze Sponsors third and the free basic listings last.

FREE Listing inclusions:

My Ormeau offers free basic listings to any business/group who offers products and services to the Ormeau and surrounding areas. Businesses do not have to be located or based in Ormeau to list on the community website, but must easily supply the area. Free listings include full company/group details and you can complete the listing form here. Listings are approved and activated on a weekly basis.

Bronze Sponsor inclusions:

Add your logo to your listing. Logo supply must be in the following dimensions: 112 pixels x 112 pixels supplied as a JPG or non-animated GIF file. Your logo will be attached to your listing wherever it is displayed (up to 3 categories). You will also receive a 'Bronze Sponsor' sticker to attach to your business premisis.

Premium Listing inclusions:

Add a banner image above your listing. Your image space can be used for logo display, advertising, special offer or image relevant to your listing. Image must be supplied in the following dimensions: 611 pixels WIDE x 203 pixels HIGH as a JPG or non-animated GIF file. While your business listing can be displayed in up to three categories premium upgrades are payable per category - you can select to purchase a premium listing to one, two or all three of your categories with the pricing levels below. If you select a Premium listing in just one of your three categories you will have a basic free listing display in the remaining two categories. You will also receive a 'Silver Sponsor' sticker to attach to your business premisis.

NOTE: Premium listings can only be displayed in categories that relate to the services you supply even if you may have extra demographic appeal in cross-categories.

For all listing upgrade enquiries and bookings please contact info@myormeau.com.au